Dec 20, 2015

Orlando Bloom visits India after Visa Gaffe

Orlando Bloom being denied entry in India because of lack of proper Visa and subsequently deported and travel back again after intervention of officials has made headlines in India. I think the Organisers should have been in touch with the actor and also with the Immigration authorities.

Given that he was being invited by UP Government and for promoting Tourism in the state, he was the distinguished guest. Onus of all the visa hassles and communication lies as such with the State Government. It is this lack of foresight on the part of organizers whole saga broke in to the media.

Whether the Immigration officers were wrong or right is totally a different debate.

When he was invited all the formalities of ensuring his complete travel plan should have been handled by the State authorities. Given that he was promoting Tourism gives a twisted picture to the Tourists who visit our country. Officials should show professionalism and work things out properly so that there are no communication gaps.

The authorities responsible for organizing the event must have now known where the mistake happened, they should better avoid such situations.

Visa-Less Orlando Bloom sent back from Delhi airport, returns in 24 hrs after Amar Singh and Sushma Swaraj intervene - Times of India


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