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Sep 28, 2013

Rahul Gandhi Outburst Against the Ordinance, a Rarity in Policy matters of the Congress.

 Rahul Gandhi's rejection of the ordinance promulgated by the Core Committee of the Congress and the cabinet which includes Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the other very senior leaders, that criminal politicians cannot be thrown out of the elected representative ship, shows a rarity on policy thinking on the part of Congress's scion.

It is a welcome sign in the congress circle's as they were constantly looking towards Rahul take guard at the helm of affairs since he has been elevated as the Vice President of the Congress. Prime Minister himself has many a times repeated this in his interactions with the media, that Rahul Gandhi should now shoulder responsibilities, and the party is wholeheartedly behind him.

Since now he has taken a stand Ajay Maken, Congress leader and Minister, quickly backed Rahul's views on the subject and many more leaders like Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under Secretary General and Minister in the Congress Government at the centre echoed his views.

 As elections are drawing near, it is perfectly the right time for the congress party to rejuvenate it's cadres who are reeling under accusations of corruption in UPA2's tenure. If a young leader like Rahul Gandhi could show the way to the party, then it will be a huge booster for the congress party in the coming elections in 2014.

But the larger question will be whether it was a momentary outburst or well thought out response by Congress Vice President remains to be seen and could he resist the pressure from within remains to be seen. What changes he might bring to the Indian politics people would be closely watching him.

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