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Dec 11, 2015

Slew of measures to combat pollution in Delhi

After the pollution levels touched alarming levels and amid growing resentment the Delhi Government is introducing Odd-Even strategy to combat pollution in a series of measures.

The new plan is slated to be put into place from starting of the New Year.

Besides Odd-Even strategy, government is contemplating closing down of two thermal plants in and around Delhi. 

Put restrictions on burning of trash and other waste by introducing fines, entry for Diesel Trucks in the city perimeter only after 11 PM in the night.

Delhi Government is also introducing up to 4000 buses to De-congest the roads after introducing Odd-Even measure.
4000 additional buses for smooth flow of Traffic in Delhi - Business Today 

 In another development, Supreme Court of India has agreed to listen to a petition regarding a complete ban of Diesel vehicles in the national capital and other cities in India. The hearing is scheduled on December 15.

The Delhi Government is drawing out short term, medium and long term strategies to combat pollution, after the city of Delhi has acquired the dubious status of World's most polluted city.