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Dec 11, 2015

India, Pakistan Cricket WorldT20 meet set to attract millions of viewers

India is set to meet Pakistan on March 19 at Dharamsala at WorldT20 Tournament in March. The prize money of the tournament too has been increased to $5.16 million. Women's team from both the nations are also slated to play the same day at New Delhi.

Recently there has been lot of resistance for resumption of cricketing ties between both the nations owing to the difficult history of the recent past. It has become a political issue and a hot topic in India . Hence, such a clash between the two neighbours at WorldT20 will be a higly billed match, which could draw millions of viewers both regionally and from around the globe as far USA, Canada and UK.


Feb 4, 2011

Sachin's presence boosts the morale in the Team: Skipper Dhoni

As team India now looks for the World Cup glory, Indian Skipper Dhoni says, Sachin's mere presence in the team lifts the morale of the team. And advised all of the team members to emulate the iconic role model of the Master Blaster.

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