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Dec 21, 2016

Election funding in India is being increasingly questioned after DeMonetisation

In India election funding is not transparent, political parties are not required to reveal the donation details under the law. Given this scenario it is quite usual for Political parties to trade charges against each other for corruption. 

Both the ruling party and opposition has received funding running up to elections in 2016 running into Crores in Indian currency, but who were the donors will never be known to the Indian public given the existing rules. 

This gives rise to suspicion regarding the source of the money and is alleged to be tax evaded money.

In recent years since there was lot of public interest and  movements against corruption  resulted in  launching of new political parties who brought their funding public domain for the first time in history of political scene in India . 

But this fair practice has not spread to other political parties in India who cater to their vote banks and have reservations.

These donations no one knows are all clean or illegally stashed money hidden away from tax authorities. 

More often tax evaders, bureaucrats and other influential players who have political links often get away lightly, this gives rise to allegations and counter allegations of misappropriation against parties.

Also it becomes cumbersome for Govt machinery to fight corruption often resulting in interference and long non ending court cases which don't see light of the day.

Election Commission has advised Govt recently to look into allegations of fake Political parties scandal which might have took advantage of converting new currency after the DeMonetisation of 500 hundred and 1000 rupee notes in India in early November mainly because of this loophole. 

Given the amount of illegal conversion of money, there is a question against the Govt.'s resolve to fight corruption on all fronts including source of election funding money.


Dec 11, 2015

Shinzo Abe in India, Kapil Sibal ne kiya ilzaamon ko radh - News and Views

 Japan ke PM Shinzo Abe Bharat mein

Japanese PM Shinzo PM is in India for a three day visit, during the visit there are expectations that Japan will ink a deal regarding India's first bullet train, the project estimates quoted by sources to be 98,000 crores co-financed by Indian Railways and Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA. On Wednesday the PM Abe is likely to visit Varanasi and will be accompanied by PM Narendra Modi. Where PM Abe will take part in Ganga Aarti Program.

Also there are discussions going on for Civil Nuclear deal.

Japan 11 townships India mein plan kar raha hai, Nayi dilli Jaipur Highway par neemrana kay paas kiya jaa raha hai township, Nayi dilli se 2 ghantay ki doori par bhi Japan ka township hai jahan Toyota, Sanjo aur atirikt companies hain. Aur desh mein Tumkur, Karnataka, Ghilot, Gujarat, Supa, Maharashtra  mein bhi township develop karne ka iraada. Japan India ka 7vaan bada investor hai, jisnay $ 35 billion dollar ki maatra mein invest karnay ka bharat kay saath agreement kiya hai.

National Herald Case

Aaj Kapil Sibal ne kaha ke BJP ke Subramanian Swamy Congress ki top leadership ka safaaya karna chahtay hain, isliye woh aisa case lekar aagay badh rahay hain. Kapil Sibal ne saaf inkar kiya ki AJL or YIL ki deal mein kisi ko koi faayeda ho raha hai aur, management license ka wachan badh hai, usse woh nahi hatega.

Indian express kay interview ka poora khulasa - Intterview by Maneesh Chhibber


Dec 1, 2015

Chennai Rains, Emergency helpline numbers 2015, Cancelled trains info and other

 The Following trains have been cancelled following rains in chennai.




 For more please visit the Indian railways website

Below are the Emergency helpline numbers for contact for Chennai residents.


Nov 30, 2015

Maharashtra Government should order an inquiry in to the cinema hall incident

Government of Maharashtra should order an inquiry in to the incident which took place in Mumbai on November 29 2015 at PVR cinema.

No one should take law into their hands. And law should take its own course. Government should undertake a holistic inquiry into the matter, as such no one should be aggrieved in the future and should become news media item.

Family evicted from Mumbai theatre for disrespecting national Anthem - The Hindu

No one should disrespect the national anthem under any cost, everyone should obey the rules and regulations. If any persons having injuries or disabilities, they should be issued colour coded tickets at the Ticket counter, so that there is no such incident in the future, and fuel speculation.


Nov 29, 2015

Spate of incidents against minorities in India brings scathing criticism against the Government

News and media reports indicate spate of incidents against the minorities in India since the BJP led NDA government has come to power in Delhi. That has led to widespread resentment among major sections of society including writers, actors, artists and intellectuals .

Many writers and intellectuals in India have returned their prestigious awards like Sahitya academy awards. The list is growing by the day. There has been huge debate going on for several months regarding violent activities carried about by Right-Wing organizations. There has been accusations and counter accusations regarding the situation.

Notable among the authors returning award was Jawaharlal Nehru's niece Nayantara sehgal, who criticised the government's inaction and apt silence against groups perpetuating the situation at hand and often committing violent crimes including murder, arson, manhandling and threats.

Several rationalists namely Govind Pansare, Kalburgi etc., have been murdered after threats, investigations are not conclusive yet. Run up to the elections in Bihar, the northern Indian state bordering Nepal, heightened the tensions between large sections of society.

Actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and several other Bollywood personalities have come under sharp criticism from Right leaning Politicians, actors, and organizations for speaking out their mind and how they feel about the atmosphere in the country.

India is known for it's religious violence since the demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992, there has been retaliatory violence committed by the extremists in which hundreds of innocent people died. Mumbai the financial hub was attacked in serial bombings . Mumbai riots followed.

Almost after two decades of see-saw politics between the right wingers, the nation has been left scarfaced, particularly after the Gujarat riots, which brought visa restriction regime against the then Gujarat Chief Minister and Present Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Arundhati Roy, notable activist and author, the Bookers Prize winner, has again reiterated the same position voiced by several other luminaries who are protesting silently against the Government and it's policies. She said 'intorelance' is an inadequate word to describe the fear and violence under which the minorities are living in India.


Mar 12, 2015

Research report indicates H1N1 has mutated into new strains in India

Media reports about H1N1 are reporting that H1N1 virus has mutated into new strains in the country.

So far the authorities have denied the claims, but Massachusetts Institute research is reportedly indicating mutated strains of the virus. Valleyz.Blog

Swine FLU in India has turned more dangerous 

Jan 13, 2015

Waste Management in India needs scientific approach

India need to improve it's waste management as the metropolitan cities are expanding at a faster pace than the preparedness of it's municipal bodies.

Waste Management in India is only about collecting and dumping the garbage at a location in the proximity of a respective city. There is no treatment of waste and recycling it, as there is no system in place where the trash is separated and collected.

Government of India is neglecting an important issue as it could lead to soil degradation, and also leading dangerous pollutants entering the water system of areas surround the garbage dumping sites. There are several reports in these regards and all the response from municipal bodies is stop gap approach and no scientific and sustainable approach to the problem.

Many countries have offered India technology to treat it's waste generated. But respective governments have neglected the issue.

Why in the world our governments first let the situation go out of hand and pay huge cost later on and seek help from other countries.

Classic example is the situation of river Ganga. Now after decades of neglect, the government has suddenly shown interest in cleaning up, but the cost and effort will have shot up by now, by what it was earlier and also pollutants could have affected the population more than anybody could imagine.

India is developing at a faster pace and the population will shoot up, which will further increase the burden on the municipal bodies to manage the system.

Solid Waste Policy in India 

Columbia University Research Paper on Sustainable Waste Management in India

An Excerpt from the Research paper by : Ranjith Kharvel Annepu

This report is the result of over two years of research and includes data collected from the literature, communication with professionals in India, US and Europe; and extensive field investigations by the author in India and the US. Two field visits in India over a period of fifteen weeks covered 13 cities (Figure1) representing all sizes and regions in India. The visits included travelling to informal recycling hubs, waste dealers shops, composting facilities, RDF facilities, WTE facilities, sanitary and unsanitary landfills, landfill mining sites, and numerous municipal offices. These visits provided the opportunity to closely observe the impact of waste management initiatives, or lack thereof, on the public in those cities.
The author has also visited different WTE plants in the US to study the prospects of this technology in India.


Dec 20, 2014

If India is to become superpower it must uphold it's secular credentials.

The ongoing conversion row coupled with controversial statements by the ruling party Members of Parliament is drawing the world to take attention at the kind of politics being played in India.

India is not new to religious based politics, it's been the trend ever since the political parties latched on to the Babri Masjid-Ram Janam Bhoomi issue, which is purely politically motivated.

When the administrators and politicians failed miserably to solve the people's issues at hand, they mischievously generated the idea of creating a communal rift and capture power taking the country downhill on the  road towards obscurantism and no performance.

Majority Indians are gullible to these type of tactics, where the so called secular parties are lagging far behind with their corrupt and inept under bellies of factionalism and favoritism.

Actually in India, politicians are the most happiest people courtesy the hapless and helpless poverty ridden, slum dwellers which comprise the large sections of society and that do not have any voice.

How can you lead a society out of poverty and helplessness, when the same politicians practice caste and religious based politics which are against the very nature of the constitution of the nation.

The same members who take oath of the constitution are themselves the first one's to break that oath and divide the community on the basis of caste, creed, sex and religion. Isn't the right to equality article 21 of the constitution of our country guarantees equal rights to all.

Though we have a secular constitution, but we lack the wherewithal to deliver the justice to the citizens.

What use of development when the nation is plagued by serious problems of corruption, corporate mis-governance, malnutrition and religion based politics.

History has shown us that divisive and communal based politics is detriment to a secular society.

Though there are aspirations by both the majorities and the minorities of religious fulfillment, but those aspirations cannot supersede the secular nature of our constitution.

In these circumstances religious authorities should exercise their freedom with in the ambit of the four walls of our constitution.


Oct 29, 2013

No Gold found at the excavation site in Eastern UP in India

The treasure hunt that began 12 days ago at Unnao, in Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India had yielded nothing contrary to predictions by the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) who accordingly followed the calculations of Geological Survey of India(GSI) that some non magnetic material is buried at the site.

Adding to the speculation and predictions, a local priest too claimed to have saw a dream of 1000 tonnes of gold being buried at the site. But after 11 days of excavations and digging at the site, the ASI has found nothing of significance at the site.

Media frenzy followed the news of excavation procedures taken up by the ASI for retrieval of ' 1000 tonnes of gold' according to Sadhu's dream.

Now since the ASI has decided to call off the operations, questions are being asked, what have led to the procedures to start the digging at site in the first place.

ASI now has no one but to ask itself after the euphoria it helped created in the first place.


Oct 7, 2013

Southern state of India turns into a political hot potato resulting in Power cuts

 The South central Indian region continues to be on the boil over the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh state into two new parts namely Telangana and Seema Andhra by the Government of India. 

The four year old Telangana agitation resulted in Indian Government led by Congress party in New Delhi announcing separate Telangana state on July 30, 2013.

The contentious issue is now of the city of Hyderabad formerly known as Hyderabad Deccan. 

It is planned,  that the city of Hyderabad which was the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, will now be the joint capital of both newly formed Telangana and Seema Andhra regions for a period of 10 years. 

During this period, a new capital is to be developed for Seema Andhra region.

Hyderabad state which was established by Quli Qutb Shah rules in 16th Century, is a regional Information Technology hub and a popular tourist destination. 

Known for it's distinct tourism attractions like Charminar and Mecca Masjid. 

The city is popular for it's rich cuisine. 

In the recent decades the city attracted major investments both foreign and domestic sector in the Information Technology sector, particularly after India's liberalisation policy inviting foreign investments.

The political landscape of the city changed quickly with International Heritage city of Hyderabad developing into an IT magnate in the 90's, and broke onto the International Scene. All the major IT companies including Microsoft and Google have regional presence in South Asia.

With city's growing stature internationally, the domestic political landscape quickly changed. 

The historic ethnic differences of the people of the region resulted in divisive politics resulting in this situation. 

With Telangana region visibly remained backward since the formation of state in 1956. 

People of the Andhra region which were formerly under British colonial rule were able to lead educational as well as Agriculture development of the region while investing in the city of Hyderabad simultaneously.

This resulted in biased Seema Andhra Politics being played in the state capital. 

Telangana remained backward all during this period with hardly any development and without any political space to manouvre. 

Comparatively Andhra region prospered, this resulted in the situation now escalating into a free for all. 

Major strikes by employees of Seema Andhra region has now resulted in complete failure of administration in the region. 

Several trains passing through the region are cancelled due to the power failure due to shutting down of Power stations. 

This cascading effect also resulted in power cuts in the city of Hyderabad.


Sep 26, 2013

The Hidden Indian Massacre of 1948 in Hyderabad State of South Asian Sub Continent

 Recently a news report was published in the Indian media detailing how India's Army annexed Hyderabad State in September 1948 after a fact finding report of the time was hidden to bury the truth. The military action was taken after the ruler of Hyderabad, the Nizam, did not offered to join newly formed Indian state formed out of thousands of princely states.

After the end of world wars British started to pack their bags way back leaving, the Nizam alone to fend for himself, who all the time enjoyed autonomy under the British Colonial rule of  the Indian subcontinent.

This no acceptance of proposal of the newly formed Indian state led the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru to order for a military action cleverly dubbed " POLICE ACTION " so that there isn't any media internationally, particularly in the Muslim countries in the region or other pockets of Muslim dominated regions in the country.Also declaring a national emergency to carry out such an invasion.

It was hard kept secret, until recently the report eventually came out after a Right to Information application. The report was made by a committee formed by PM of India Jawaharlal Nehru to ascertain the facts on the ground. The chilling details of which can be now found everywhere in the media.

The horrific massacre was committed on innocent unarmed civilians.

 The resulting Military massacre left thousands dead in reappraisal kind of attacks against the Muslims.

Young, Women, Children no one was spared with a tag carrying a Muslim name. Wide spread murder, arson, looting and rape were committed and instigated by the Indian Army.

The  Sunderlal report claims 27,000 to 40,000 Muslims were killed in the massacre committed by Indian Military but actual Genocidal figures will never be known. Local police took active part willfully with vengeance.

This kind of communal politics is still prevalent in every nook and corner of India forming large electoral vote banks, where the ordinary voters are easily manipulated to vote on the basis of Religion, Caste, Reservations and election time sops like adulterated toddy and cash,  instead of development based, non-corrupt governance thus making any difference, India being a Democratic state still some 60 years after Indian Independence from Britishers.

This is just the kind of dispute the Indian state has with the state of Jammu and Kashmir bordering Pakistan in the North.

Kashmiris articulate the crimes committed by the Indian Army against women and children and does not trust their overtures. India and Pakistan went to wars thrice in the recent history with the dispute remaining unresolved. Subsequently the two South Asian nations went nuclear in 1998-99.

Hyderabad 1948: The Hidden Indian Masaccre - BBC Report 
Exclusive: The Real Story of How Hyderabad became part of India 

Sep 22, 2013

Markets expected to be volatile this week in India

 The latest measures by Reserve Bank of India taken to increase interest rates by .5% points and other market Derivatives expiry are expected to dampen investor confidence this week.

RB of India's latest manouverings and Derivatives expiry keep markets volatile in India


Feb 5, 2011

Justice Department says BP fund should be spent faster

In a bluntly worded letter to the official who handles claims stemming from last year's Gulf oil spill, the Justice Department Friday urged changes to speed up the process and to pay more claims from BP's $20 billion fund.

Read the unfolding story at CNN 

Benefits of outdoor exercise confirmed

ScienceDaily (2011-02-04) -- A systematic review has analyzed existing studies and concluded that there are benefits to mental and physical well-being from taking exercise in the natural environment.

Read the full article here

New induced stem cells may unmask cancer at earliest stage

ScienceDaily (2011-02-04) -- By coaxing healthy and diseased human bone marrow to become embryonic-like stem cells, a team of scientists has laid the groundwork for observing the onset of the blood cancer leukemia in the laboratory dish.

Full story find it here

Working more than 20 hours a week in high school found harmful

ScienceDaily (2011-02-04) -- A new shows that among high school students, working more than 20 hours/week during the school year can lead to academic and behavior problems. The researchers used advanced statistical methods to reanalyze longitudinal data collected in the 1980s on 1,800 middle class teens in 10th and 11th grades. The researchers also found that things didn't get better when teens who were working more than 20 hours/week cut back their hours or stopped working altogether.

You can find the complete article here

Feb 4, 2011

Sweden raises 19 billion kronor from Nordea sale

The Swedish government confirmed on Friday that it had raised 19 billion kronor ($2.94 billion) on the sale of 255 million of its shares in Nordic banking giant.

You can read about the story here

Sachin's presence boosts the morale in the Team: Skipper Dhoni

As team India now looks for the World Cup glory, Indian Skipper Dhoni says, Sachin's mere presence in the team lifts the morale of the team. And advised all of the team members to emulate the iconic role model of the Master Blaster.

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All decisions on spectrum allocation since 2003 wrong:Telecom panel of India

The spectrum panel said that all the decisions made on spectrum allocation since 2003 are wrong, probed the one man committee Former Telecom Minister is being questioned by the CBI into allegations of fraud to the exchequer.

You can read about this story further here.

Huge Crowds Turnout at Tahrir Square

As we see the situation unfolding in Egypt since the protests began in Egypt, pro-democracy demonstrations have almost brought the thirty year Egypt rule to the end. The turn out in tens of thousands at Tahrir Square was a clear message to the ruling party, the message sent by the people.

You can read about this story here.

The opposition is insisting for a power change as the only last option in the tussle for power.